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Ithaca Calendar Clock Restorations, Repairs & Sales
by Joel Warren

This is the most important web site for the restoration and hand construction of Ithaca Calendar Clocks. You can also use this site as your cost effective, museum quality resource for not only Ithacas, but any and all types of wood clock case repairs. I have the parts and answers needed to restore, and help you enjoy your own piece of history.

This site contains information on: New and Old Ithaca Calendar movements, or restoring yours back to original factory specifications.
Wood cases repaired or restored.
If you would like to do it yourself, case parts are available for any of the 42 different models as well as dials, bezels, and hands.

As a Master Clockmaker of 38+ years I approach each and every job, no matter how large or small, grand or seemingly insignificant, with the same eagerness and respect. Advice is freely given and all projects are graciously accepted.

Joel Warren
Trumansburg, NY 14886
FNAWCC # 52499

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