Joel Warren became interested in Ithaca Calendar Clocks at the age of 11 after meeting Harry Dean, the last surviving employee of the original Ithaca Calendar Clock Company. Mr. Dean, employed from 1904—1914, was a wealth of first hand historical information. A recorded interview in 1977 at the age of 94 serves as a partial narrative for A Visual History of the Ithaca Calendar Clock Company DVD originally written and produced by Joel in 1993.

Joel began actively making Ithaca case parts for local collectors in 1974 and started marketing them through the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors aka. NAWCC in 1976. He began his journey into wood carving in 1957 at age 8. He has graduated from a pen knife, whittling out propellers, boats and wooden airplanes, to high grade Victorian furniture and clock cases using his prized set of 175 black handled D. R. Barton Rochester Pat’d 1832 chisels. He is willing to help with guidance or make parts for any project you may have regardless of the size, value or scope.

Partner in Ithaca Calendar Clock Company—1978—1983. Completely reverse engineered the original ( 1865—1918 ) facility. Wood Carver and General Production Superintendant. Left the company in 1983 and again reverted to making restoration and replacement parts for clock repair shops, collectors and the membership at large.

His self taught machining skills are a combination of hands on and observational training. Long before the advent of computers he was taught how to machine tapers on the fly simultaneously using both lathe hand wheels. He took up metal spinning as a supply side necessity. Zinc dial pans and proprietary Ithaca bezels, chapter rings and “beauty” rings are now the norm. He also will spin rings to spec on request.


The NAWCC plays a very important roll in the growth and advancement of any aspiring clock maker, collector, enthusiast or, for that matter, anyone with an interest in Horology. The organization fosters the individual advancement of skills through it’s sponsorship of a National Crafts Competition held every year during its National Convention. Virtually any member can submit their work in the applicable category for review and judging by a group of their piers as well as those attending the event.
Joel’s accomplishments are:

  • Member of the NAWCC—1976—present.
  • Fellow Award—2010 for 50+ lectures, exhibits, workshops and demonstrations at National, Regional and Chapter events as well as the Ward Francillion Time Symposium.
  • National Craft Competition—Recipient of the prestigious People’s Choice Awards in 2006, 2008 and 2013 as well as 21 First Place Honors for Wood Carving and Clock Case work.
    When not competing he volunteers as a judge.
  • Founding Board President of the Ithaca Clock Museum—2004—2009