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Howard #49

The E. Howard Co. Boston was the ultimate in quality clock manufacturing, and this is one of the Rarest of the Big Howards. The original Howard records document 6 manufactured. Current market reflects that exclusivity with a value of $ 175,000. The clock features a Highly Hand Carved black walnut case with the signature Howard Compensating Pendulum. The case is 95 inches tall with a 14 inch dial. Impressive in every respect from it’s Astronomical Movement and Dial to the gentle sway of it’s Seconds Beat Pendulum.
This clock was a special commission and is shown with the name E. Howard on the dial. It is not part of, or should it be considered a part of the E. Howard brand. My offering displays Joel Warren Trumansburg, NY on the dial. This clock is a fine example of the diverse capabilities of my shop in case construction, hand carving, metal working and my abilities to work from a photo.
One available for 2016.

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