Business hasn’t changed much. In the 1800’s letters, telegrams, word of mouth and visits to the establishments were the tried and true business practices. So it was with the letter on the left. Mr. Westfall of Caroline Center, NY ( 10 or so miles from Ithaca ) wanted to sell the Clock Company some chestnut lumber. The chestnut blight was on, and he was looking for an outlet for his dying timber inventory.

Fast forward to the electronic age:In the time it took him to write his letter, we can search the entire world for that which we seek.

This is my reference page.
These are the people and businesses that, in my estimation, say what they do and do what they say.
It is a relatively short list, for now, with room for expansion.

General Info & All Around Good Referencing

The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

Dedicated to the furtherance of the Art and Science of Time Keeping. If you have gotten to this page of my site and you are NOT a member, you should seriously consider becoming one. My website is one tiny facet of the type of expertise and support given by the Association and membership at large. You will not be disappointed.

Savage & Polite's Antique Clock Price Guide

The MOST informative site on the net. Thousands and thousands of reference pictures to help you identify what you have. A truly wonderful source for value and general information.

Horton’s Antique Clocks

Carroll Horton and Joe Brewer have been friends of mine for a long time. The variety and depth of their for sale clock offerings is second to none. Theirs is a silent auction through a catalogue format that any and all clock collectors can use as not only a reference, but have an opportunity to own any of the clocks.

Suppliers & Parts Houses


Steve is always on the hunt for new products and sources for the horological community. They have an extensive catalogue of everyday repair supplies...and some that aren’t so everyday.

Merritt’s Clock Parts and Supplies

Merritt's has been around for a long time supplying the clock world with parts, movements and antique clocks for sale. They are friendly and knowledgeable.

The Clockworks, Inc.

Joe is a regular at the shows. He and Jim are ready to get you what you need and always thinking in your best interest. Their experience in the field of repair work is invaluable and an asset to everyone they come in contact with.

Buyers & Sellers

This list is far shorter than it should be and will be added to often. Being a table holder at numerous NAWCC Regionals and National Conventions I have seen a number of tables holders devoted to selling higher grade clocks, tools and reference materials. These vendors exhibit a dedication to the furtherance of horological pursuites and stability within their own business endeavors. This is an area that will allow you to virtually “walk the aisles” without having to go there.

Antique Clocks Guy

A great buy and sell site with a large inventory of styles and price ranges.

Hick’s Antique Clocks

Chester Hicks is truly a class act. The quality and variety of his inventory is among the best. Chet’s site is well represented, fairly priced and he’s always available.