I offer a total restoration service. Whether you need just a touch up, or a complete restoration, I have the facility, knowledge, and expertise to rebuild your project clock into a wonderful complement to your collection.I also have in stock, the components to rebuild or replace both the large and small calendar mechanism.Just contact me for a quote.


Original circa 1885 shaping machine, knives and tooling from the Ithaca Calendar Clock Company. In addition to straight lengths of virtually any shape no matter how complex, accessories include bearing collars for any and all types of arches and circles.Versatility includes Circles, Ovals, Serpentine, anything from 1/4” to 10 inches wide.


All my turnings are done free hand. That is to say they aren’t made with the aid of any type of copying device. Some of my finials have diameters of less that 1/8 inch within their design. It takes a skilled and steady hand to accurately replicate these fine works of art. I also incorporate hand carving whenever called for. Some of this type have scallops, flutes, flowers or wreathes. I supply all the standard finials used by Ithaca as well as from any drawing or, even in some cases, a photo. My experience is your resource. Hand turned finials of all descriptions from yours or my pattern including Scalloped, Carved or standard. I also offer wood turned bezels up to 16 inches as well as ornamental brass work. In some cases finials can be restored instead of replaced.


Chisels, mallet, patience and experience...the old way...the only way to produce a clean, sharp and well defined line. A master carves with grace and depth, an amateur uses a duplicator and/or a Dremel. A master understands the importance of grain selection and density. 40 Years of experience in hand carving covering a vast array of projects large and small. Here are just a few examples. In some cases I can work from a vintage catalogue engraving, photo or drawing.

Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning is an essential for clock making. Practically a lost art, I now offer this wonderful resource. I can spin up to 16 inches in diameter in Brass, Aluminum and Zinc. Shapes include Bezels, Rings and Dial Pans.

Machine Work

Full service shop including standard 5C collet machine lathe, gear and pinion cutting, metal spinning of brass and zinc, stamping and punching. Well rounded shop for any type of movement work. My machine shop component is VERY versatile. I offer bushing and rivet fabrication as well as stamping, punching, gear cutting and ornamental brass work.


Offering a complete, one stop service for your Ithaca Calendar Clock, Professionally cleaned, repaired and restored back to original factory specifications. Services include bushing, gear replacement and museum quality calendar movement work.