The items on this page are the most frequently requested. I have all the patterns for these clocks and can supply ANY missing piece for any of the 42 different models. Mouldings are made on the original 2 spindled American Shaping Machine circa 1885, with the original tooling for a perfect match and fit. All CARVINGS are done by HAND, by me, in the appropriate woods. I personally make all the case parts, mouldings, turnings and carvings and therefore guarantee every piece to be of the same standard as original manufacture.

Wood Case Parts for the Restoration of Ithaca Calendar Clocks

Original Formula Stain

Original Formula StainThis is the original color stain used by the Ithaca Calendar Clock Company from the Purchase Supply records of 1866/67. During the mid 1800’s you didn’t go to the hardware store to buy a gallon of paint or wood stain, you went to the local Apothecary. You bought the ingredients and made your own! Fortunately for the clock factory the “supplier” was about 100 yards away. There they purchased many of the everyday items used in their production. A private collector loaned me the original, very detailed, Apothecary records for 1866/67 showing no less than 117 company purchases. Each entry carefully recorded what was bought, who bought it, when, and the cost. After being analyzed by a qualified varnish maker, the color lost to the ages, is back.

Original Formula Stain
1/2 pint can $13.00

These are new Calendar Mechanisms made from top quality brass components assembled on precision-drilled Cast Iron frames. Virtually identical to the original movements these include hand turned, hollow core month and day rollers. Also, Standard or (small unit only) English style lettering in the correct color combination for your specific needs.

- E-mail your needs.


Replacement Calendar Units Price
Small Calendar Movement $325.00
Large Calendar Movement $395.00
Small Calendar Hands with the correct slot, identical to original.
Blued Steel $12.00
Nickel $15.00
Large Calendar Hand $12.00
Item Price
#3 1/2 Parlor
Hand Carved Basswood Top painted black - either size $250.00
Full set of case ornaments - either style $100.00
single piece $12.00
Crown Moulding - complete w/ side returns $125.00
Base Moulding - assembled - using identical exotic woods $175.00
Ebonized Black Columns - pair $130.00
Glass Calendar Dial - old wavy glass $125.00
#10 Farmers
Top Carving - By far the most requested replacement part $65.00
Top Carving Return Moulding - pair $20.00
Crown or Base Moulding - assembled $65.00
Door Ornaments set $35.00
corner piece $5.00
center piece $10.00
Back Board $25.00
IMPORTANT : If you're trying to replace a single door ornament,
please measure the thickness, as they varied from 1/8 - 1/4 inch.
#6- 8 Library Early
Top "Wings" $37.50
Early Top Finial $75.00
Top Returns - sits on top of the crown moulding, behind the Wings - pair $20.00.
Pendulum Cover $15.00
Base Moulding - assembled $75.00
Drop for the Hanging Model - attaches to the underside of the base moulding. $95.00
Back Board $25.00
#6 - 8 Library New
Top Carving - consult for thickness $125.00
New Top Returns - sit on top of the crown moulding on each side of the case - pair $20.00.
Base Mould, Shelf Model - assembled $90.00
Base Mould..Hanging Model - assembled $70.00
Drop attaches to the underside of the base moulding $105.00
IMPORTANT: The Shelf base and Hanging base moulding are VERY different.
If you wish to convert your shelf model into a wall model you MUST replace the base mould.

There are far too many pieces to list individually. If you have a specific need not addressed in the above list, please email me with your question. Even if you have a general question about your clock, I’d be more than happy to help out.

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